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We’re located in Colville, WA (North Eastern Washington about 50 miles south of the Canadian Border or 60 miles North of Spokane).  We welcome all visitors, especially those who are allergic to horses, as they are hypoallergenic!!!   While it is hard to explain exactly what it is about a Curly that draws you so close to them, you need only meet One and you will know their appeal and addictive quality!!  So, come meet the horse of your dreams, your next best friend and closest

companion, your treasured trail partner and show stopper extraordinaire!  You won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in-love with them.  Come take the challenge!! We dare you....





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KC Prince Charles

Chuck is  now  living at Barrington Stables in Lititz PA, With Riana Barrington.  We were sad but excited to see Chuck go to such an ambitious young Lady that has so many plans for his future.. they will be a team to watch for!!

K C Prince Charles Expo 2006



                                                                  Buzz Expo 2007                                             (Chuck) and GCF Standing Rockette (Girlfriend) Expo 2007








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