Our Boys


Our Main Stallion here at Cozy Nook Curly's is KC Prince Charles, fondly known as Chuck. He is ABC 2476 and ICHO/NACHR405D. Chuck is a proven stallion in the curly world.  He  passes on his wonderful disposition to his offspring. Chuck has proven to be a gentleman through and through. We have enjoyed having him here to teach us the Curly way.  We are hoping to get him in the show ring for the show season of 2009. 


This is Buzz Light Year, Buzz is our junior Stallion, We have high hopes for this young man.  He is a buckskin pinto ABC 668 7/8, ICHO/NACHR 876-D, NPHR 134810. He has lots of personality, with the calm loving attitude of the curly horse.  Stay tuned to see what buzz produces and what he accomplishes.  Should prove to be fun!